Sunday School Classes


Alpha Class - Room #7

The Alpha Class is made up of married couples with weekly lessons designed for discussion. This class provides the perfect opportunity for sharing, relating to and supporting each other as week seek guidance and inspiration for our daily lives through the study of God’s word.  

JKH Class - Room #13

The J.K.H Class invites all to come and study the Word of God as it applies to each of us in our everyday lives. They have fun with each other in Christian fellowship as well as praying hard for each other in Christian love. All adults from young to seniors, single or married are welcomed. 

John Wesley Fellowship Class - Room #2

A mature – senior adult couples and singles class ranging in age 50-80. We use the International Lession Series – Adult Bible Study. This class is very active socially including a monthly eat-out, quarterly socials and several class trips during the year. The class has great personal fellowship through bible study, meditation and prayer. 

Men's Bible Class - Room #5

The Men’s Bible Class is made up of men from teen-age years on up. Their focus is to learn God’s word in a way that is applicable in our everyday walk. This class helps fund different activities in the church. 

Mothers Class - Room #6

The Mothers Class is comprised of all ladies, single, married and widows, any age is welcome. The class uses the Cokesbury Adult Bible Study literature and discuss and share their views with each other as it pertains to their lives as a Christian disciple. 

The Open Door Class - Room #4

The Open Door class focuses on prayer, bible exploration, self-discovery, discussion and encouragement. The wide range of ages, status in life, ideas and experiences within the class stimulates lively and thought provoking consideration. People of all ages are welcome in this class. 


Nursey I & II - Room 1a & 1b

Nursery I invites all Infants to join our well trained an qualified teachers to receive quality care. 

Nursery II invites all 2 & 3 year old’s to express their uniqueness while learning age appropriate Bible stories. 

Kindergarten - Room #9

Amanda Smith provides a warm, welcoming class for 4 & 5 year old’s to come learn about the word of God and how Jesus loves them. The class has hands-on, fun and active lessons with visual aids to help them learn the Word of God.

1st & 2nd Grade - Room #14

Missy & Mac McMakin invite all 1st & 2nd graders to explore the Bible and relate it to our lives today. The class reinforce Bible lessons with handouts, crafts, and visual aids. Their goal is to see  the class obtain a basic knowledge of the Bible to serve as a foundation to build upon in the future. 

3rd & 4th Grade - Room #8

Amanda Lorick provides a fast paced high energy class where Scripture and how to use your Bible is taught through games, skits, and other interactive activities. 

5th & 6th Grade - Room #9

Bruce & Anita Kilmury welcome all 5th & 6th graders to come and share in reading the scriptures. The students share in a discussion to answer the questions posed in the lesson. 

7th - 12th Grades - Room #12

Jenny Fox welcomes all 7th – 12th graders as they learn that we are created to pursue an authentic relationship with Our Creator; that we belong to Jesus Christ; and that we exist every day to demonstrate God’s love to a broken world. Join them as they accomplish this through Bible study, fellowship, and games.